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chronic town, poster torn, reaping wheel

Liam Roark on Second Life. Luskwood avatar designer, student, webcomicker on hiatus, bassist, and occasional Real Person.

I live with four cats, one of them a diabetic. Don't get me started on the travesty that is the pet food industry - you'll never shut me up. Seriously.

I drive around the countryside and take pictures of old telephone system infrastructure - primarily longlines but also mysterious boxes, artistically arranged poles, old booths, and the like.

I am a student at a nearby state college in pre-medical physics. I'm broke most of the time, but I have direction, which is pretty cool and a somewhat novel thing for me.

I have a webcomic, currently on hiatus. Take a look at it, but don't expect it to start updating again tomorrow. I will resume it at some point but not when I'm killing myself with a 16-credit semester.

I looked for it, and I found it.
Miles Standish proud.
Congratulate me.