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chronic town, poster torn, reaping wheel
ok so. the page was almost done last night, then i decided HEY IT'S MIDNIGHT AND I HAVE TO GET UP AT 6:30 I REALLY NEED HUMMUS RIGHT NOW and like an idiot went downtown for hummus. so, it'll be finished and posted this evening. sorry about that.

so tired.

UPDATE: posted. told you.

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chap 3, page 8.

i hope at least one person can tell me what book it is that chase has there.

also, it appears two cups of black tea in one day is too much caffiene for me. that's fine, i prefer to be a cheap date when it comes to addictive chemicals.

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... cause i was a dumbass and left my script at work. art's all done, but it needs words. will get it posted monday evening.

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early update so i can forget about it and get on with my weekend :o

chap 3, page 7.

also six new arts, all doodles.

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due to my job pulling me into endless meetings all week, come EOD friday the comic was not done being drawn. that's usually a deathsign for a given week's comic going up on time.


it's up. chap 3 page 6. i will say two things about this page: 1) chase's hair is getting increasingly FABULOUS. i can't explain this, it's just something i noticed. 2) this page is very silly. i know that. but the action's about to pick up and then it will be VERY SERIOUS for a while.

*sips tea*

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i apologize to anyone that my sudden disappearance caused annoyance to. between a fast-setting bout of winter depression and my damn wrists going out again(i have chronic wrist problems that come and go; no one i go to can find anything technically 'wrong' so at the moment there's nothing i can do when it happens except wait it out) i had zippo interest/ability to work on any of my projects, comic included.

that said, the wrist problems are receding and i just strung up an industrial/greenhouse-style full-spectrum light fixture over my computer so going forward, expect a few fits and starts but i should be able to pick the story up from here.

so, yes. chapter 3, page 5.

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chap 3, page 4 is up. was yesterday, but i got lazy and forgot to update over here. i'm really happy with the flow on this page.

had someone say to me the other day that comic better start providing some answers soon, and i know this page just continues to raise more questions. it's very hard for me to gauge what has been reasonably explained/revealed, what is a straightforward question with a few plausible answers, and what is still completely in the dark, because i know all the secrets. any insight on this would be appreciated.
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update: chap 3, page 3.

that page just killed my hand after the last two lazy pages. also i am now out of pre-laid-out pages. time to hit the scratchbook with the script and hope something logical falls out.

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just a plain old update. chapter 3 page 2.

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okay so, i delayed signing up for the halloween challenge thing until i had a solid idea, neglecting to notice that there was a time limit on signing up. so, that's a bust.

that said, i'm still going to do the comic project idea that i have, because it's in my head now and won't go away. not sure where it'll be posted. maybe just on lj here.

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